The Call Movie Quotes

"The Call" movie quotes follow the suspense in the film about a 911 operator who seeks redemption by trying to help a young girl kidnapped by a serial killer. The crime thriller was directed by Brad Anderson using a screenplay by Richard D'Ovidio. "The Call" was released in theaters in the United States on March 15, 2013.

In "The Call," Halle Berry portrays Jordan, a veteran 911 operator. Jordan takes a call from a young girl, Leah (Evie Thompson), who reports an intruder in her home. Jordan urges Leah to lock herself in a safe place but then the call disconnects. Upon calling back, Jordan speaks with the kidnapper and soon hears Leah being abducted. This failure to keep Leah safe weighs heavily on Jordan.

Later, 911 receives a call from a girl, Casey (Abigail Breslin), who has been abducted and locked in a trunk. Jordan and her team try to help Casey but since she's calling on a disposable cell phone, they cannot track her location. Jordan however soon discovers that the kidnapper, Michael (Michael Eklund), is the same perpitrator who kidnapped Leah before. This makes Jordan launch an all-out war to find this man who escaped her before and bring him to justice once and for all.

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    A Man Is Trying to Break Into My House

    A Man Is Trying to Break Into My House
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    Jordan: "911, where is your emergency?"
    Leah: "A man is trying to break into my house. I am all alone."
    Jordan: "Okay, sweetheart, calm down."
    Leah: "My parents are out at a movie. I can't reach them."
    Jordan: "I understand that, sweetheart."
    Leah: "Leah, Leah Templeton. Oh god, he broke the window. He's coming in the back."
    Jordan: "Okay, Leah, listen to me. Find a room and lock yourself in it right now."
    Leah: "Okay"
    Jordan: "Leah? Leah?"
    Leah: "I'm upstairs in my room but the door, it won't lock. He's in my house. He went back downstairs."
    [Call disconnects and Jordan calls back]
    Jordan: "Leah? Leah? Leah, stay quiet, okay? Don't speak. The officers are going to be there any second."
    Leah: "I think he heard the phone ring." [screams]
    [Call disconnects]

    In a previous interaction with a girl calling about an intruder, 911 operator Jordan speaks with Leah, then the intruder, Michael. Jordan was unable to save Leah and that failure goes on to haunt her later in her job.
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    I'm in the Trunk

    I'm in the Trunk
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    Jordan: "911, where's your emergency?"
    Casey: "Please help me! I'm like in the trunk!"
    Jordan: "What's your name?"
    Casey: "Casey"
    Jordan: "You've got the best team of people in this whole city. We are going to find you. Okay, honey?"
    Michael: "Who are you talking to? I'm going to kill you right here." Jordan: "Do not hurt that little girl."
    Michael: "You're just an operator. What are you going to do?"

    When 911 receives a call from Casey, who has been abducted and locked in a trunk, Jordan tries her best to keep Casey safe. This case is especially important to Jordan as it brings back memories of another girl, Leah, she was unable to save.
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    You Can't Save Everyone

    You Can't Save Everyone
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    Officer Paul Phillips: "You can't save everyone. You know that right?"

    Officer Paul Phillips speaks with Jordan reminding her of her limitations. That doesn't however made things any better for Jordan who is still upset over not being able to help the kidnapped girls.
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    It's Already Done

    It's Already Done
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    Jordan: "Whoever it is, I suggest you leave that house before you do anything you're going to regret."
    Michael: "It's already done."

    In a line that is repeated during the film, Michael tells Jordan that the harm has already been done. It's the same thing that he said when he broke into Leah's house and when he abducted Casey connecting the two cases.
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    It's the Same Man

    It's the Same Man
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    Jordan: "It's the same man."

    Jordan realizes that one man, the same man who kidnapped Leah, the girl Jordan was unable to save, is the one responsible for the recent kidnappings, including that of Caseys.
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    You Did Your Part

    You Did Your Part
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    Maddy: "You did your part. She's no longer your responsibility."
    Jordan: "I have to help her!"

    Jordan's co-worker Maddy tries to settle Jordan down after she is unable to help a girl in distress. Maddy reminds Jordan that she did all she could and it's out of her hands now.
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