unspeakable crimes This Sadistic Murderer Killed 14 Women, And What He Did With Their Bodies Is Beyond Sick  

Mick Jacobs

If you've never heard of the Genesee River Killer, this video will open your eyes to a truly depraved mind. A man who "took pride" in his heinous actions, Arthur Shawcross abducted and murdered children and adults alike.

Understandably, a killer this prolific and capable also held a number of strange behaviors, as well as a past filled with trauma. His difficult childhood, particularly with his mother, influenced many of the twisted things he did to his victims.

When Shawcross was drafted into the Army to fight in Vietnam, he found an expression for his horrifying impulses, deriving sexual enjoyment from lighting fires and bragging about inhumane treatment of prisoners of war.

It was on his return home after his military service, however, that the Genesee River Killer indulged in his most deranged impulses. He was even locked up after confessing to the murders of two children. What he did after being released, however, was truly unspeakable. Watch the video below to find out just what happened after Shawcross was declared "no longer dangerous."