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Celebrities with Lupus List

Updated June 14, 2019 28.4k views21 items

Lady Gaga, beloved pop singer and outspoken advocate of being yourself, first discussed her "borderline lupus" condition in 2010 during an interview with CBS News. According to investigative reporter Ian Halperin, Gaga in fact uses her over-the-top costumes and make-up to cover up some very real and very serious health issues, including lupus. Lupus is an auto-immune condition that causes the body to attack its own cells, causing inflammation and tissue damage. Gaga fights the disease and lives with it every day, constantly micro-analyzing herself in mirrors, according to Halperin. He also claimed that Gaga has glossed over some of her more serious drug issues, and that she continues to take heavy drugs regularly.

Gaga is not the first or only celebrity to publicly battle lupus, though. A variety of other famous people through the years have gone public about their diseases, including singer Seal (Lupus is actually the cause of his facial scarring from when he was a child), British model Sophie Howard, TV mainstay Charles Kuralt (who died from complications due to lupus in July of 1997), and hip-hop producer J Dilla.

Who are the famous celebrities with Lupus? We've compiled a list here, with pictures. From movie stars to musicians, these are the celebs living with and battling the disease every day.