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If you could change places with your friend, would you? That's exactly what happens in the 2011 comedy movie 'The Change-Up,' starring Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Olivia Wilde and Leslie Mann. 'The Change-Up' movie quotes include some truly hilarious quips from self-proclaimed playboy Mitch Planko (Reynolds) and his buddy, Dave Lockwood (Bateman). Little do they know that making a wish while urinating in a fountain will change their lives - literally. See a favorite quote on this list? Vote it up! Don't see your favorite 'Change-Up' quote listed? Add it!

'The Change-Up' is just one of several R-rated comedy movies released over the summer of 2011. Unlike some of the bigger hits, like 'Bridesmaids' and 'The Hangover Part II,' 'The Change-Up' didn't fare very well at the box office. As of mid-September 2011, 'The Change-Up' had grossed about $39 million in U.S. theaters. Dismal reviews for 'The Change-Up' probably didn't help. The film could do better on DVD: 'The Change-Up' DVD was set for release on November 8, 2011.

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Thai Food

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Jamie: "I need to cool it on the Thai food."

Dave (really Mitch) is all excited, thinking he's about to have sex with Dave's wife, Jamie. Unfortunately for him, he discovers that this married couple pretty much shares everything - including leaving the door open during (pretty gross) bathroom visits. Definitely kills the mood, huh Mitch?
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Guns Hot

Dave (really Mitch): "No no no no no no. Don't back that thing up into me. I can't believe you'd come at me, guns hot!"

Ew. Having just witnessed Dave's wife Jamie's pretty graphic bathroom visit, he's pretty grossed out as she gets in the bed, snuggling up to him.
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Like a Hurricane

Dave (really Mitch): "What do I tell Jamie, when she wants to have sex tonight?"
Mitch (really Dave): "You're not having sex with my wife, Mitch!"
Dave (really Mitch): "If she comes at me like a hurricane, a guy can only stand so much..."

Little does fake Dave know, but he's in for an...interesting evening. Some married couples share everything...
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I'm The Mother

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Jamie (as babies are crying): "It's your turn."
Dave (really Mitch): "It's three in the morning, you're the mother."
Jamie: "I'm the mother! It's three o'clock in the morning! Get out of the bed right now before I cut you!"

Mitch, as Dave, learns pretty fast that fatherhood involves a serious lack of sleep. Jamie boots his ass out of bed and makes him deal with their crying babies. When one of them throws a meat cleaver at him (for fun, this isn't some malicous, creepy devil-baby), he tells Dave that his family is just a bit too "intense" for him.
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