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Who Is Your Favorite Player On Netflix's 'The Circle'?

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Amid the plethora of new TV shows popping up on streaming services each day, The Circle Netflix reality show has established itself as a standout hit. The Circle players are the heart and soul of the somewhat odd reality series, which aims to crown the champion social media influencer. 

Joey Sasso, an outspoken bartender from New York, Shubham Goel, a shy and naive virtual reality designer, and Seaburn Williams, who is catfishing as his girlfriend Rebecca, are just a few of the contestants fighting to become The Circle influencer. 

Since it aired on Netflix, we didn’t have to wait long to discover The Circle winner. However, this list isn’t about the players’ ratings. It’s about yours! Who do you think was the best The Circle US casting? The Circle show features a lot of different, big personalities, competing to be the top influencer.

The Circle TV show Netflix was actually modeled after The Circle UK reality show. Of course there are bound to be differences between The Circle USA and the original. Who was your favorite character on The Circle US? Share your vote below. 

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    Samantha 'Sammie' Cimarelli

    Yeah, I'm pretty confident that people are gonna like me for me, 'cause, I mean, in real life they do. So why wouldn't they now? 

    Profession: Registered Behavior Technician

    Playing as: Herself

    • Age: 24
    • Birthplace: Miami, FL
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    Shubham Goel

    I'm gonna go into The Circle 100 percent authentically, and I'm gonna win the game. And that's how it goes. 

    Profession: Virtual reality designer 

    Playing as: Himself

    • Age: 23
    • Birthplace: Danville, CA
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    Joey Sasso

    I'm the proudest momma's boy you're ever gonna meet. 

    Profession: Bartender

    Playing as: Himself

    • Age: 25
    • Birthplace: Rochester, NY
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    Chris Sapphire

    My gameplan is just to be myself and do whatever it takes to do whatever I need to do to get where I'm trying to go. 

    Profession: Makeup artist

    Playing as: Himself

    • Age: 30
    • Birthplace: Dallas, TX
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