Here's Everything The CIA Found On Osama Bin Laden's Computer

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Although the man himself got taken out in a Navy Seal raid in 2011, Osama bin Laden's computer made headlines in November 2017 for its eclectic contents. The CIA released a trove of content found on Osama bin Laden's computer, much of which was the expected fair (Al-Qaeda propaganda, intimidation, and beheading videos). But along with these nefarious things found on Osama bin Laden's computer, the agency also found a collection of cartoons and YouTube videos saved to the hard drive, content that reveals a man who enjoyed animated films, documentaries, and, strangely enough, crocheting. Forced into an early retirement because his criminal activities made him a target for the most determined paparazzi (the Feds), bin Laden likely wanted to explore some new interests when inciting terror became a thing of his past.

While the CIA disclosed tons of files, below are the strangest things on Osama bin Laden's computer. Some of your favorite films appear on here alongside a number of viral videos from YouTube and documentaries from National Geographic. As you go through the contents, you realize bin Laden was just like everyone else, aside from being left-handed and an international criminal.

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