The Conspiracy Theories You Believe Are True

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Only widely-held conspiracy theories, not just your own personal beliefs.
Everyone believes at least one of these. Probably. Maybe that's just a theory I have. Of this list of widely-known conspiracy theories, which do you believe is true? Add the ones that are missing (there are so many!), vote on the ones you believe, and if you are really serious about it, re-rank the list with the believable conspiracies you believe in the most at the top!
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  • 1

    The Truth About JFK's Assassination Was Covered Up

  • 2

    The Pharmaceutical Industry Is Keeping Us Ill to Make More Money

  • 3

    Big Business Playing With the World As If It's a Monopoly Game

  • 4

    Elections Are Rigged

  • 5

    Aliens Exist and World Governments Know It

  • 6

    We Are Being Exposed to Subliminal Messaging

  • 7

    Revolutionary Free Energy Technology Is Being Suppressed by Governments

  • 8

    Federal Reserve Bank Forces Inflation

  • 9

    The Media Is Trying to Create a Race War

  • 10

    The Skull and Bones Secret Society Actually Exists

  • 11

    Marilyn Monroe Was Murdered

  • Mao is an Evil Person

  • 13

    Princess Diana Was Murdered

  • 14

    Area 51 Holds Alien Secrets

  • 15

    The Truth about 9/11 Is Being Covered Up

  • 16

    Martin Luther King Jr Was Assassinated by Conspiracy

  • 17

    College Loans Exist to Trap Young Adults in Debt

  • 18

    Facebook and Google Are Part of NSA Spy Program

  • 19

    Natalie Wood Was Murdered by Robert Wagner

  • 20

    Boris Nemtsov Was Killed by Vladimir Putin

  • 21

    A New World Order Is Going to Emerge and Rule

  • 22

    Conformity Is a Social Conspiracy Designed to Stop People from Truly Exercising Their Freedoms to the Fullest.

  • 23

    GMOs Are Dangerous

  • 24

    The Clintons Had Vince Foster Murdered

  • 25

    FDR Knew About the Pearl Harbor Attack in Advance