The Conspiracy Theories You Believe Are True

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Only widely-held conspiracy theories, not just your own personal beliefs.
Everyone believes at least one of these. Probably. Maybe that's just a theory I have. Of this list of widely-known conspiracy theories, which do you believe is true? Add the ones that are missing (there are so many!), vote on the ones you believe, and if you are really serious about it, re-rank the list with the believable conspiracies you believe in the most at the top!
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  • 1
    11,143 votes

    The Truth About JFK's Assassination Was Covered Up

  • 2
    10,807 votes

    The Pharmaceutical Industry Is Keeping Us Ill to Make More Money

  • 3
    10,238 votes

    Elections Are Rigged

  • 4
    7,378 votes

    Big Business Playing With the World As If It's a Monopoly Game

  • 5
    11,413 votes

    Aliens Exist and World Governments Know It

  • 6
    9,332 votes

    We Are Being Exposed to Subliminal Messaging