The Coolest Fictional Characters from Los Angeles

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Characters known for being from Los Angeles, California.

Thanks to Hollywood, there are tons of fictional characters from Los Angeles, CA, and many of them are crazy cool. But what does it mean to be cool? If we asked a 100 people that question, we would probably get a 100 different answers. For the purposes of this specific Ranker list, coolness in a person encompasses many different qualities. To us, cool means being kind-hearted, brave, sexy, confident, rebellious, and original. The people on this list represent the kind of folks that we would love to grab a beer with in the evening. They make us want to be more like them, in a positive way.

This is a list of the coolest fictional characters from the great city of Los Angeles, California. LA may actually be the coolest and hippest city in the world. It’s got Hollywood, Ventura Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, The Valley, Malibu, and Venice Beach. LA is chic and stylish with its movie stars and glitz. It’s a place of celluloid dreams and the legendary Walk of Fame. This was not the easiest list to put together, since there are so many television shows, films, and novels that take place in Los Angeles. However, hopefully this list represents a plethora of character types that truly define what it means to be California cool.

You will no doubt recognize some of your favorite television and film characters on this list. Who was cooler than Dylan McKay from the 90210 area code? And really, is any character on this planet hipper than the Dude?

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