The Coolest Fictional Characters from New York

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For this list, cool = confident, independent, interesting... you know, someone you'd want to be friends with. Only characters who live in New York City.

There are some pretty cool dudes and ladies in New York City. This list ranks all the coolest fictional characters from New York City, whether from television, film, or literature. They are superheroes, fashion icons, regular Joe(y)s, and antihero private detectives. No one on this list is perfect, but then again who is, and why shouldn’t our entertainment represent life as we know it?

Besides, what do you think it means to be cool? Is it about the clothes? Personality? Cash flow? Who you know? Coolness is not just skin deep (although a worn leather jacket and iconic fashion style doesn’t hurt). But it’s also about how a person carries themselves. Are they confident? Do they make you feel good about you? Are they interesting? Essentially, a cool person is someone that you want to hang out with or go grab a drink with.

New York City is not the easiest place to live. Sinatra is right, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. From Broadway to the Bronx, from stage to screen, from Harlem to Soho; the Big Apple can truly make or break a person.

You will certainly recognize some of your favorite fictional characters on this list. Is there a detective hipper than Shaft? Is there a man with better dance moves than Tony Manero? Is there an ad executive more handsome and charming than Don Draper?

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