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The Corliss Group Luxury Travel Agency: 41 Years Strong


With so many new travelers visiting us, you may wonderwho is TheCorliss Group, and what do they do for the travel world?

When my late husband, Dick, and I started in the travelbusiness we operated deluxe domestic tour travel. This company was called Corliss Tours. It was very successfuland grew quite large. We sold it. Our next company was called World Adventures In Travel. We did justthat, went International. That company grew and we sold it! We then, under theumbrella of our last company, started an alumni group, called The Corliss Group. After a time, webought back our client list and started a third company, The Corliss Group. And, it remains that to today.

We are still considered a tour operator, and we do infact operate domestic and Internationaltours. However, in the late 80's cruising came into play and The CorlissGroup became a seller of Crystal Cruises, even before the first ship, CrystalHarmony, was completed. Since that time, The Corliss Group has remained in thetop five for sales annually for Crystal Cruises. The Corliss Group offers you,the traveller, Experience, Excellence, Expertise, and most of all, SuperiorService.

We look forward to hearing from you. Call soon to inquireabout your next travel tour or cruise adventure.

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