What Ever Happened To The Cast Of 'The Craft'?

Light as a feather, stiff as a board... who didn't give levitating their friends a shot after seeing The Craft as a kid? Whether your favorite witch was Sarah, Bonnie, Rochelle, or the dangerous and powerful (yet oh-so-cool) Nancy, you might have wondered about the actresses behind them at some point: Where are they now?

Well, whether moving on to bigger and better Hollywood roles or building a life outside of the limelight, here's where all the witches all went after the credits rolled, along with their victims - *Ahem* we mean co-stars.

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  • The film's protagonist, new-in-town Sarah, is already a somewhat troubled girl when the film begins, making it all too easy for her to fall into the outstretched arms of her coven to-be. Little do they know that this wide-eyed girl will become the most powerful of them all, and be the only one who gets to keep her powers in the end.

    This role was the first of many successes for actress Robin Tunney, and even earned her an MTV Movie Award for best fight - shared with Fairuza Balk, of course. From there, she starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1999 action film End of Days, guest starred in the pilot episode of House, and acted in the first season of Prison Break. These days, she is perhaps best known for her larger roles on shows like The Mentalist and, most recently, The Fix.

    But what she does in her free time might be even more interesting than her acting career: She's actually a skilled poker player. She played for charity on Celebrity Poker Showdown in 2006 and participated in the World Series of Poker shortly after, making it to the final table. She even joked in one interview that "gambling and getting wasted" are "requirements" at her family's Christmas Eve gatherings.

    As for family, she is married and became a proud mother of two with the birth of her second child in January 2020.

  • Poor Bonnie just wanted to be free of the scars that covered her body and drew torment from her classmates. Sadly, using her witch powers to remove them only led her to become intoxicated with narcissism as much as power. 

    Although Neve Campell's portrayal of Bonnie in The Craft was her first lead role in a feature film, just seven months later, she'd snag the role that would really make her famous: Sidney Prescott in Scream. Her part in the wildly popular franchise made her a fan-favorite scream queen, winning her multiple MTV Movie, Fangoria Chainsaw, and Saturn Awards for her efforts.

    Outside of horror, she had an indie phase from about 2000 to 2011, starring in films that were well-reviewed but never really reached a wide audience (among these, 2000's Panic, and 2002's award-winning Last Call with Sissy Spacek and Jeremy Irons). During this time, she also co-wrote and produced a couple of films (one centered around her love of ballet, being a former ballerina herself), and even took to the stage for her theater debut. She did eventually return to mainstream entertainment in 2012 with a more TV-based approach, appearing in everything from The Simpsons and Grey's Anatomy to Mad Men and House of Cards. And finally, she confirmed Sidney would return for Scream 5 in 2022.

    As for her personal life, she happily revealed the adoption of her second son in 2018.

  • Rochelle's struggles in the film sadly came in the form of racist bullying from the school's requisite mean blonde girl, Laura Lizzie. But she gets here revenge soon enough when she casts a spell that causes that supposedly "superior" hair to fall out in tufts. No more bigoted, hair-based comments from Laura.

    Following her work on The Craft, Rochelle's actress Rachel True did snag a lead in the Dave Chappelle stoner comedy Half Baked. But, for the most part, her work in film remained small (say hello to cameos in both Sharknado 2: The Second One AND Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness). TV seemed to be more her lane, as she had a recurring role on The Drew Carey Show and made appearances on Dawson's Creek, Being Mary Jane, and, most recently, Good Trouble.

    But what's really interesting is she seems to have embraced her inner witch the most out of the cast, as she's been a professional tarot card reader operating in the Echo Park neighborhood of LA since 2017. She's even written a book on the practice, which she sells bundled with a deck of tarot cards she helped design. She has said that reading cards helps her stay grounded, something she finds especially difficult to do in a place like Hollywood.

  • Oh Nancy, did you really deserve to end up tied to the bed of a mental institution, forever dreaming you could fly out of that prison? Okay, to be fair, she did take out Sarah's boyfriend, then try to end her as well... but dang, she really looked like a goth fashion dream while doing it.

    It's easier to ask what Fairuza Balk hasn't been up to since starring in The Craft. She apparently became disenchanted with Hollywood, criticizing the industry as having "no morals... no integrity at all." It's no wonder that she turned toward other artistic pursuits. She released music under the artist name Armed Love Militia. She's exhibited her own original mixed-media art in New York and Los Angeles. She even sells her art and other merchandise on her own website.

    Of course, that doesn't mean her acting career is totally over. She did appear in films like The Island of Dr. Moreau, American History X, Adam Sandler's The Waterboy, and as a more colorful character (breaking her dark, edgy typecasting) in Almost Famous. As for TV, she and her home were subjects of an episode of The Haunting Of, where a medium apparently described her as having a "witchy" aura, and she briefly had a recurring role on Ray Donovan.