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The Creepiest Dennis Moments From ‘It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

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If you've seen every season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, there's no denying Dennis Reynolds is a creepy guy. Yes, there are fan theories that Dennis is a serial killer, but whether or not he's slain anyone, he's certainly disturbing.

Many of Dennis's sketchiest moments happen in later seasons, as his psychotic behavior gets darker. By the end of Season 12, he's a full-on maniac who refers to himself as a "Golden God" and carries some concerning equipment in his trunk.

Here are some of the creepiest Dennis moments in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia history.

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    Duct Tape, Zip Ties, And Gloves

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    At the end of Season 7, the gang goes to their high school reunion and relives the awful days of their teen years. Dennis, in particular, has a rough night after propositioning his former friend's wife as a means of revenge. When she refuses, he loses his mind and barrels out to his car to retrieve a few things.

    "What the hell are you doing?" Frank asks.

    "She rejected me. Me, Frank! Me. The coolest guy in the history of this godd*mn school," he says. "Oh, they're all gonna pay. They're all gonna pay the ultimate price."

    When asked what he has in his hands, Dennis explains that he has "tools" that include duct tape, zip ties, and gloves.

    "Why do you have a bunch of weird tools in a hidden compartment in your car?" Charlie asks.

    "Fetish sh*t," Dennis responds. "I like to bind. I like to be bound!"

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    Dennis Has Multiple Bench Warrants For Misconduct

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    In the Season 8 episode "Reynolds Vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense," Dennis and Frank go head to head in Paddy's Pub court after a dispute ensues over Frank rear-ending Dennis's car while he's eating cereal and driving. The decision to handle the matter internally comes from Dee pointing out just how bad an idea it is for Dennis to go near an actual court.

    "Dennis, you don't want to go anywhere near a court," Dee explains in the episode. "How many bench warrants for sexual misconduct do you have?"

    This implies one major thing - Dennis is definitely a predator. 

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    Wearing Another Person's Skin

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    In the Season 8 episode "Frank's Back In Business," Dennis assumes the identity of a man who leaves his wallet at Paddy's Pub and ends up with box seats at a baseball game with two entrepreneurs. It turns out that Brian Lefevre, the man Dennis "becomes," is a controlling shareholder of a company and was being wooed at the time.

    During the meeting, Dennis explains to Mac and Dee that he has a particularly disturbing motive for becoming Lefevre.

    "This is about much more than just business," he says. "This is about the thrill of wearing another man's skin. Feeling his innermost wants and desires, and being in control of his every single move. That's how you get off. Now, don't you guys wanna get off with me?"

    At the end of the episode, Dennis finally "gets off" when his true identity is uncovered at a shareholder meeting. 

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    The Five-Star Man

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    In the second episode of Season 10, Dennis and company decide to hold group dates at the bar to meet people and get more business. After it's revealed that dates can be rated on a website, Dennis becomes obsessed with getting the highest rating possible. 

    But after a series of rejections, Dennis loses his mind to the point of self-destruction - and continued rejection.

    "I'm a five-star man!' he screams repeatedly after each date he goes on ends terribly. He ends up weeping uncontrollably and later smashes all of his personal tapes in a fit of rage.

    It's yet another example of how Dennis Reynolds is one of the creepiest characters on TV, and his personality seems to decline with each season - even though he'd try to tell you that he's a five-star man. 

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