The Cutest Mixed Dog Breeds

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Dog mixes, hybrid dogs, designer dogs, mixed breed dogs, mutts... There are a lot of names for these puppy dogs, but most just call them cute puppies. This is a list of the cutest dog mixes with the cute photos of hybrids. Some of the cutest dog breeds come from mixing breeds. Sometimes it's to get the best temperament - evident by the Doodle (Golden Retriever + Poodle), which has become a top choice for service dogs - or just to get really cute puppies. Who doesn't love a puppy? Maybe a small dog that looks like a puppy forever? Could such a dream pet even exist??

This photo gallery features the cutest dogs that were completely created by man. That's right: man took wolves, domesticated them, and eventually turned them into tiny little fluff balls that can't fend for themselves... but they're really cute! So be warned these puppy pics will have you baby-talking to your computer screen in seconds flat. Vote up the pictures of the cutest dog mixes, and add any that are missing. You might also like this list of Pit Bull mixes.


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    St. Berdoodle

    Poodles are highly coveted for cross-breeding because their puppies are born with hypoallergenic fur. They also have some of the highest canine intelligence ratings and wonderful temperaments. The St. Berdoodle mix is a Poodle and St. Bernard - one of the gentlest known breeds.

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    Photo: Unknown / Pxhere / Public Domain

    A combination of a domestic dog and a wolf - yes, the wild kind - this breed is a bit of a controversy. According to the International Wolf Center:

    Whether or not hybrids make good pets is perhaps the biggest contention. Some people have outstanding success with hybrids as pets so to make a blanket statement is difficult. The reality is that there is an animal with a genetic stew that includes contributions from a line of dogs that has been domesticated over the centuries compiled with a contribution of an animal that has not.

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    Doodles come from Golden Retrievers or Labradors that usually have been bred with Standard Poodles, resulting in furry puddles that resemble Muppets. The size of the Doodle depends on its parentage. Breeders often offer a range, including Standard, Medium, and Miniature Doodles. 

    Doodle hybrids are typically hypoallergenic, and most puppies seem to inherit the best characteristics of both breeds. The Doodle temperament is loyal, intelligent, and kind. These hybrids have become favorites for children and therapy dogs.

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    Photo: Sergio Hayashi / Public Domain Pictures / Public Domain

    The Maltipoo is a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle. This pairing makes friendly dogs with lots of spunk. Maltipoos are highly intelligent and make great house pets. They range in size from 9 to 20 lbs.