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Behind-The-Scenes Stories From The Set Of 'The Dark Knight'

Updated October 24, 2019 376k views13 items
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The making of a big-budget film is often fraught with issues. If it’s not a big star acting like a prima donna, it's expensive equipment malfunctioning, or directors struggling to maintain their artistic leanings in the midst of a gargantuan financial and logistical undertaking. Miraculously, The Dark Knight delivered on Christopher Nolan’s desire to turn the Batman story into a realistic, neo-noir film - without abandoning the thrill ride audiences were buying tickets for.

Behind the scenes, The Dark Knight was as tense as many of the film's most taut moments, from Nolan’s crew breaking one of the most expensive cameras on the planet to Heath Ledger losing sleep as a result of getting into character. The results - from the box office, to the Academy Awards, to its enduring reputation as one of the best superhero movies ever made - speak for themselves. But getting there certainly wasn't easy.

  • Ledger Had A 'Joker Diary' To Help Him Get Into Character

  • Ledger Knocked A Guy Out While Filming

  • Ledger Would Skateboard To Set In Full Joker Makeup

  • They Broke an IMAX Camera