Weird Nature The Unsolved Mystery Of The Day It Rained Meat In Kentucky  

Mick Jacobs

One seemingly normal day in 1876, something bizarre rained down on some unsuspecting Kentucky farmers. The video below recalls the strange baffling events of a day on which raw meat fell from a clear blue sky.

Objects inexplicably drop from the heavens more often than you'd think. Bizarre weather patterns and other rare natural or man-made phenomena have caused frogs, worms, and fish to end up in the atmosphere. Naturally, what goes up must come down.

With many of these other weird droppings, however, an explanation slowly became clear. Not so with the Kentucky incident. Even though the meat covered a large area, no one could pinpoint its origin.

Watch the video below to learn all about one of the weirdest days in Kentucky history. Even now, no one knows exactly what dropped all that raw meat, but that doesn't diminish the drama of what happened.