9 Startlingly Evil Baby Farmers Who Abused And Murdered Children

While adoption is a huge part of modern society, that wasn't always the case. Around the turn of the 20th century - before adoption and abortion were legal - many women in the Western world turned to baby farmers to find homes for their unwanted children. Baby farmers were men and women who offered to help mothers find homes for their newborns in exchange for a fee. Although not all of the people who operated baby farms were dedicated to finding loving homes for the babies in their care. Some just posed as loving, nice people to make a buck.

A number of these alleged childcare givers saw an opportunity to profit off desperate mothers. They would kill the children and pocket the cash. While some of these baby farmers may not have intentionally killed the infants left in their care, others admitted to deliberately and repeatedly murdering children, including one woman who was suspected of ending 400 young lives. The vicious crimes of baby farmers show the dark underbelly of what happens when women become desperate and are forced to leave their children in the hands of a stranger. These murderous baby farmers and their horrific crimes are sure to terrify you. 

Photo: flickr / CC0