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With all these film supercuts, Mega-Cuts, compilations and mash-ups going around, it's time to put them in one place (and attribute the credit accordingly, of course.) Here is the definitive list of (worth-watching) film supercuts, mash-ups, compilations or whatever you call them. From Nic Cage "losing his s**t" to bullies coming up with creative insults to dancing, here is a constantly-updating list of film super-cuts so you can watch them all at once, then go outside and realize how nice it is to be away from a computer. And then go back to your master immediately!

250 Introductions

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Sometimes while watching these Mega-Cuts, you come to the realization that there really are an insane amount of different stitchings in our cultural fabric, as a society. And sometimes while watching these Mega-Cuts you also realize the sad "what did I do with my life" amount of movies you've seen when you can identify all but 3 films in an 8 minute Mega-Cut.

If you think about it, though, this was probably the easiest one to make by far. All you need is to find the part of the movie where the most iconic characters in film history introduce themselves. So, in that respect, a lazy cut, but there's something so incredibly moving about hearing some of the greatest characters in film history say their own freakin' name.

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

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When football teams are losing by several touchdowns at halftime, when you spend all day cleaning just to have the kids come home to mess it up, or for when the McRib goes away again (the McRib is seriously the deadbeat dad of fast food), they really should just play this video for people.

It's easy to tune out when your furrow-browed, white-haired coach is yelling at you, but it's a lot harder to space out when people like Morgan Freeman and John Belushi are telling you to perk up and get your s**t straight. Even if you're getting up right now to grab some more Cheetos (doesn't that sound good? C'monnn...), you're going to do it with pride. Why? Because you deserve it (because you watched this video)!

The Stanley Kubrick One-Point Perspective Supercut

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There Are Two Kinds of People Supercut

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