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The Edge of Seventeen Movie Quotes

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The Edge of Seventeen movie quotes express the teenage angst in the coming of age comedy drama about an awkward high school girl. Kelly Fremon Craig wrote and directed the The Edge of Seventeen, which opened in theaters on November 18, 2016.

In The Edge of Seventeen movie quotes, viewers meet Nadine Byrd (Hailee Steinfeld), a 17-year-old girl who doesn't exactly fit in with the cool kids, but gets by with a little help from her best friend, Krista (Haley Lu Richardson), and her history teacher, Mr. Bruner (Woody Harrelson). 

So when Krista starts sleeping with Nadine's older brother and cool kid, Darian (Blake Jenner), Nadine feels lost and alone. To make matters worse, Nadine accidentally sends her crush, Nick (Alexander Calvert), a very naughty message. Her mother, Mona (Kyra Sedgwick), means well, but is ill-equipped to deal with Nadine's angst. So Nadine is forced to deal with her struggles in ways she is not used to doing.

The Edge of Seventeen joins other great fall 2016 movies in theaters such as Shut In, Arrival, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, and Hacksaw Ridge.

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    Everyone Is as Miserable as I Am

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    Mona: Why don't you do what I do when I'm feeling down?
    Nadine: Mom
    Mona: And I say to myself, "Everyone is as miserable as I am. They're just better at pretending."

    Mona tries her best to cheer Nadine up when she's having a bad day in these The Edge of Seventeen movie quotes. But Mona simply isn't equipped to give this kind of supportive advice, at least not to Nadine's satisfaction.

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    I'm Going to Kill Myself

    Nadine: Hey
    Mr. Bruner: Busy
    Nadine: I don't want to take up too much of your time but I'm going to kill myself. I just thought that an adult should know. 
    Mr. Bruner: Wow, actually, I was writing my own suicide note just now. "My 32 fleeting minutes of happiness during lunch, which has been eaten up again and again by the same especially badly dressed student and I thought I would rather have the dark nothingness."

    When Nadine is feeling down, she visits Mr. Bruner during lunch to express herself. But as he shows in these The Edge of Seventeen movie quotes, he too has stress in his life.

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    Two Types of People in the World

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    Nadine: There are two types of people in the world: The people who naturally excel in life and the people who hope all those people die in a big explosion. When I was 13, it was clear which side of the equation I was on but that's what best friends are for and I had Krista. 

    Nadine essentially explains the situation in the film and a bit about her character in the plot in this The Edge of Seventeen movie quote. She's not one of the cool kids, but at least she has a kick ass best friend, Krista.

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    Life's About Taking Risks

    Mr. Bruner: Life's about taking risks. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. 

    Mr. Bruner offers Nadine another nugget of life advice in this The Edge of Seventeen movie quote. He urges her to take risks and put herself out there citing that's what life is all about.

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