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The Emoji Movie Quotes

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The Emoji Movie quotes bring the laughs to the film about one emoji who doesn't seem to fit in among the other emojis who live in one boy's phone. The animated comedy movie was directed by Tony Leondis using a screenplay he co-wrote with Eric Siegel and Mike White. The Emoji Movie opened in theaters in the United States on July 28, 2017.

In The Emoji Movie, high school freshman Alex (voiced by Jake T. Austin) receives a text from his crush, Addie (voiced by Tati Gabrielle). But when Alex tries to respond with a meh emoji, Gene (voiced by T. J. Miller) makes the wrong face. 

Gene has always felt out of place in a world where he's supposed to be a meh emoji as he's always felt a range of emotions, well beyond meh. But when he meets Jailbreak (voiced by Anna Paris), she sees a way for Gene to fix his mistake and feel better about himself at the same time. But to do that, they need to embark on a fantastic adventure through Alex's phone.

With additional voice work from James Corden, Maya Rudolph, Patrick Stewart, Christina Aguilera and Sofía Vergara, among others, The Emoji Movie joined theaters already showing other summer 2017 movies including The Dark Tower, Detroit, Dunkirk, and Despicable Me 3.  

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    Look Who Just Sent Me a Text

    Video: YouTube

    Alex: Look who just sent me a text!
    Alex’s Friend: Addie McAlister?
    Alex: Dude, shhh, she's right there! 
    Alex: What should I write? 
    Alex’s Friend: Be chill
    Alex: What?
    Alex’s Friend: Send her an emoji.
    Alex: Okay, be cool

    Alex receives a text message from his crush, Addie, in these The Emoji Movie quotes. But he doesn't know how to respond, all he knows is that he can't screw this up.

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      We're Number Two

      Video: YouTube

      Poop: Okay, son, what do we do after we go potty?
      Poop Jr.: Should we wash our hands? 
      Poop and Poop Jr.: Ha ha ha ha ha! We’re number two!

      The Poop emojis seem to thoroughly enjoy toilet humor, as evidenced by these The Emoji Movie quotes. They're proud to be number two and, apparently, covered in poo.

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        Never Eating Another Piece of Candy Ever Again

        Hi-5: Ugh, I’m never eating another piece of candy ever again.
        Gene: Hi-5, don’t do it. Don’t you do it. It’s already been in there once.

        Hi-5 and Gene take an unexpected turn and find themselves in the Candy Crush game on Alex's phone in these The Emoji Movie quotes. Afterward, Hi-5 mentions that he never wants to eat candy again, well, except that one piece that he just threw up.

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          He's Making the Wrong Face

          Phone: We have an incoming text. We are go for meh.
          Gene: Who, me?
          Bomb: What’s he doing?
          Dizzy Face: He’s making the wrong face!
          Addie: Huh? What the heck? 

          As Alex responds to Addie's text with what is meant to be a meh emoji, the emoji team inside his phone prepares to send. So when in these The Emoji Movie quotes Gene makes the wrong face, the process ends horribly bad.

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