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'The Emperor's New Groove' Fan Theories That Just Might Be True

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The Emperor's New Groove isn't the most popular Disney movie of all time, but it's certainly one of the most charming. The story is simple enough - a vapid emperor is transformed into a llama and must rely on a humble subject to regain his throne - but dedicated fans have peered between the lines to uncover new perspectives on the film.

There are tons of fan theories about The Emperor's New Groove out there, and some of them are more convincing than others. Whether they're about Kronk's true origins or the morality of turning people into animals, these entertaining conjectures will change the way you look at this Disney classic.

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    The Goddess Circe Is Pulling The Strings In This (And Almost Every) Disney Animated Film

    This theory from Redditor /u/VerumFalsum suggests a large number of Disney movies are connected by one character: Circe, the Greek goddess of magic.

    Circe is most-known for turning people into animals, a theme pretty common throughout the Disney canon. The Redditor believes Yzma is actually one of Circe's many forms, which is why she turned Kuzco into a llama. They also believe Circe is responsible for creating the Beast in Beauty and the Beast, the bear in Brother Bear, and the island of donkeys from Pinocchio.

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    Yzma And Kronk Might Be Lovers

    Redditor /u/AwesomeAni thinks Kronk and Yzma could be romantically entangled.

    It makes sense. Why else would an intelligent, mature woman want a chiseled yet idiotic man hanging around her all the time? Kronk definitely plays a domestic role in their relationship, as he cooks and cleans for Yzma. Kuzco also chides Yzma for how young Kronk is, which only makes sense if they're a couple.

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    Pacha Is Kuzco's Long-Lost Father

    Who is Kuzco's father? A theory from Redditor /u/iwillneverstopcry purports to have the answer. They believe the emperor's dad is none other than Pacha, his new friend and companion throughout the film.

    Kuzco's father appears for a brief moment in a flashback, but all we see is that he's a large, muscular person. The Redditor also believes Pacha's children look a bit like Kuzco, and that Pacha's name sounds an awful lot like "papa."

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    Kronk Is A Time Traveler Based On His Love Of Spinach Puffs

    So this theory is a little out there, but Redditor /u/bea4abbnrq16 believes there is something deeply wrong with the world of The Emperor's New Groove. There's a scene in the movie where Kronk is making spinach puffs, a dish that would be impossible to make given the fact the movie takes place in pre-Columbian South America. The vast majority of ingredients in spinach puffs are exclusive to the Old World, including spinach, so how could Kronk possibly have access to them?

    The theory concludes that Kronk is either a demi-god with the power to travel through time and space, which is how he got the ingredients he craved. Another possible explanation is that The Emperor's New Groove takes place in an alternate dimension where these ingredients could be found in the New World.

    Of course, the spinach puff line could just be a one-off joke that wasn't meant to be taken seriously, but where's the fun in that?

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