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'The Emperor's New Groove' Fan Theories That Just Might Be True

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The Emperor's New Groove isn't the most popular Disney movie of all time, but it's certainly one of the most charming. The story is simple enough - a vapid emperor is transformed into a llama and must rely on a humble subject to regain his throne - but dedicated fans have peered between the lines to uncover new perspectives on the film.

There are tons of fan theories about The Emperor's New Groove out there, and some of them are more convincing than others. Whether they're about Kronk's true origins or the morality of turning people into animals, these entertaining conjectures will change the way you look at this Disney classic.

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    Yzma Chose Kronk As Her Assistant Specifically Because He's So Dumb

    This theory from a former Redditor attempts to answer the baffling question of why anyone, especially Yzma, would employ Kronk in their service. They believe it is his dull wits that landed him the job in the first place.

    Kronk may also be the only person dumb enough to put up with Yzma's constant ridicule. He's willing to follow her into the worst situations with no questions asked - a valuable asset in a henchman.

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    The Fly That Begs For Help Is Really A Human

    This theory from Redditor /u/lish_94 puts a sinister twist on a seemingly innocuous joke. There's a moment in the film when Kuzko witnesses a fly being eaten by a spider. The fly screams, "Help me!" just before it's eaten, and here lies the root of the theory.

    The only animals in the movie that are shown to talk are those that were transformed by Yzma's potion. The fly having the ability to talk leads one to believe it must have been a human trapped in the body of a fly. Rather than a tongue-in-cheek nod to the 1958 film The Fly, this little detail makes the insect's demise more of a Kafkaesque nightmare.

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    Kronk And Yzma Accidentally Use A Secret Passage

    Near the end of the film, Pacha and Kuzco attempt to race back to the palace before Yzma and Kronk can get there. At one point, the villains are struck by lightning and cast into a deep pool of water, allowing Pacha and Kuzco the chance to win. When the heroes arrive at the palace, they are stunned to see that Yzma and Kronk have beaten them there. Even the villains are confused, as Kronk pulls down a map and explains that it makes no sense.

    Redditor /u/drewgarr believes the villains accidentally stumbled into a secret passageway to the palace. Yzma has a lever in her lab that sends victims straight to the alligator-infested river below. It's possible to travel up this passageway, as both Yzma and Kuzco do it during the movie. The theory suggests the body of water that Kronk and Yzma fall into is the same river that connects to the palace. Perhaps they crawled up the alligator-chute in order to beat the heroes to the palace.

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    Kronk Was A Squirrel Before Yzma Turned Him Into A Human

    Redditor /u/twerking_nine2five has a theory about Kronk's nonhuman origins. They believe that Kronk used to be a squirrel or monkey before he was a human, and that Yzma transformed him using one of her potions.

    The post lays out a lot of evidence for this theory, including the fact Kronk can speak to and understand squirrels. At the end of the film, Kronk is even seen teaching a bunch of boy scouts how to speak squirrel. Yzma also refers to him as a "monkey," and she tells Kuzco she has no idea how old Kronk is.

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