A Horrifying, Unidentified Monster Terrorized The Residents Of Enfield, Illinois In The Early '70s

The Enfield Horror, not to be confused with the Enfield Haunting that inspired The Conjuring 2is a cryptid observed by several people in 1973. Also known as the Enfield Monster, this disturbing looking beast makes its home in Enfield, Illinois. This tiny village boasts fewer than 600 residents today, a population drop of approximately 200 people since the beast made its first appearance. Perhaps what happened in Enfield back in the '70s was terrifying enough to convince people to move away and never come back. The beast's own appearance, as described by various witnesses, sounds like something most reasonable people seek to avoid at all costs.

Several people saw the monster, although many discrepancies exist concerning its physical appearance. Regardless of exactly what it looks like, enough credible eyewitness accounts and evidence appears to back up this story. In other words, the Enfield Horror just might be real instead of merely an urban legend, and may still be waiting in Illinois for intrepid travelers and cryptid enthusiasts.   


  • The Three-Legged Monster Sports An Odd, But Slightly Humanoid, Body

    The physical description of the Enfield Horror makes it sound like of the world's oddest creatures, even among cryptids. According to eyewitnesses, the monster sports three legs, gray fur, huge pink eyes, two arms attached to the front of its body, and stands approximately four-and-a-half feet tall. Additional reports state the beast's body resembles that of a monkey. At least one witness pointed out the body had a somewhat humanoid appearance. Despite its allegedly misshapen shape, the creature apparently boasts impressive speed and agility, and it screeches like a wildcat.

  • One Witness Actually Shot The Monster

    Although later accounts claim the beast appeared 30 minutes before in Greg Garrett's backyard, Henry McDaniel was the first person to report seeing the Enfield Horror. McDaniel's children told him of a creature scratching the house. When McDaniel went to investigate, he found himself face-to-face with the monster. Slamming the door as any sensible person would do, McDaniel ran to his gun. Next, he opened the door again to discover the beast still scratching and hissing. Out of fear, McDaniel aimed the gun directly at the creature and fired several times. The Enfield Monster responded by quickly leaping away. 

  • A 10-Year-Old Boy Saw The Horror First ... Or Did He

    On April 25, 1973, the Enfield Horror decided to make contact with multiple humans. A 10-year-old boy, Greg Garrett, may have been the first. According to his original police statement, Garrett was playing outside when he encountered a vicious, hideous creature. The Enfield Horror, unafraid of the boy, approached Garrett, stepping on his feet in the process. Garrett stated the Horror shredded his shoes, though police failed to find any tangible evidence in the family's yard. Later on, Garrett told researchers he never actually saw a monster, and merely wanted to tease Henry McDaniel. 

  • Physical Evidence Was Left Behind

    One of the things keeping most cryptid stories from becoming verified, or even seeming real, is a complete and utter lack of physical evidence. The Enfield Horror sightings, however, proved to be a different scenario. When police visited Henry McDaniel's house, they found unusual footprints with six toe pads, along with some odd scratch marks on the house. This corroborated McDaniel's story that the beast tried to break into his home. Interestingly, the footprints appeared in a set of three, with one being smaller than the others.