Small Details And Trivia In 'The Exorcist' That Left Our Heads Spinning

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1973's The Exorcist is widely considered to be one of the scariest movies of all time. From Linda Blair's Oscar-nominated performance to the eerieness of it being inspired by a true story, there are many things about it that strike fear into the hearts of its viewers. Even the film's production was pretty freaky, with plenty of wild stories coming out from behind the scenes.

As for the action on-screen, there are enough hidden details in The Exorcist to warrant it more than just one watch-through. There's also lots of fun The Exorcist trivia to learn about. So read on to see what those details are, and don't forget to vote up your favorite ones!


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    There Are Creepy Messages In The Background

    In the scene in the language lab, a white banner is hung over the doorway with the word TASUKETE! written in red on it. Tasukete means "Help me" in Japanese. The phrase "help me" also later appears scarred on Regan's stomach.

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    His Shock Was Real In This Scene

    For the vomit scene, Jason Miller (Father Karras) was told to expect the liquid to hit his chest. Instead, it unexpectedly hit his face, and his look of shock and disgust in the moment is real. 

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    The Dummy Can Breathe

    During the 360° head turning scene, the fake special effects head's "breath" is visible, just like the actors' - a small detail added to make the dummy look more realistic. 

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    Regan's Face Is Trapped Beneath The Demon's

    In a split second when Regan tilts her head, you can see her face split in two. On the left side is the face of a scared little girl, on the right is the true face of the demon possessing her.