Total Nerd People Are In Love With Petie Parker, Instagram's Most Fashionable Spider-Man  

Mick Jacobs

With great power comes great responsibility, along with the opportunity to become Insta-famous. Spider-Man usually slings his string around New York City, but a new Spidey has decided to make Atlanta part of his web as shown in this video.

On the streets of ATL, Petie Parker reigns as the supreme spider of the South, taking photos throughout the city that are equal parts superhero and supermodel. Parker's aesthetic vision combines the heroics of Spider-Man with the visuals of the fashion world, a combination Instagram cannot get enough of.

With his following growing by the day, Parker now has people take photographs of him in various outfits and poses throughout Atlanta. Parker gets approached by pedestrians on the daily who ask him to pose for shoots or to join them for selfies.

Parker keeps his identity a secret just like Spidey himself, a quality he thinks enhances the appeal of his character. Watch the video to find out if you agree with him.