The Finale Of The Sitcom Dinosaurs Was An Insanely Depressing Fever Dream

Dinosaurs was a family comedy that ran from 1991 to 1994. In many ways, it was a pretty formulaic sitcom about a family with a fat dad and tall, skinny mom. One notable difference was that the characters were all animatronic dinosaurs. It was a Jim Henson creation (though he died right before it went to air), and thus had many Henson hallmarks, such as the voice of Elmo behind the toddler character named Baby. The family patriarch was Earl Sinclair, a Homer Simpson-esque father figure best known for his part in the show’s most (only?) memorable joke, where Baby hits him on the head with a frying pan and says, “Not the mama!” Given the ludicrousness of the show, it’s reasonable that one wouldn’t expect an astoundingly heartbreaking ending. But one would be wrong.

With one of the worst TV series finales ever, the ending of Dinosaurs was depressing as hell. Earl worked for a shady, run-of-the-mill corporation called Wesayso that, through its greed and irresponsibility, brought about global ruin. It was a commentary on human consumption and environmental destruction, and it portended the end of life on earth and portrayed the imminent death of this family huddled together for warmth before the credits rolled. Yikes. Let’s take a deeper dive into the dark ending of the Dinosaurs sitcom finale to see just what the hell was going on.