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Total Nerd The Most Epic Star Wars: The Force Awakens Recut Trailers  

Jacob Shelton
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When it comes to Star Wars: The Force Awakens anticipation of a new saga of generation-crossing stories is almost too much to bear. Prior to the film's 2015 release, fans have only been treated to three trailers, with about three and a half minutes of footage. That’s not a lot to base an opinion on, but with a little ingenuity fans around the world have found a way to retell tell the unknown story of Episode VII in their own words.

Star Wars The Force Awakens recut trailers are popping up like wildflowers across the Internet. For fans of the series, or editing in general, it’s a really neat moment in time. People are reconnecting with the fandom and putting their own unique spins on less than five minutes of footage. Take a look at these Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers made by the fans, and try not to be awed.

On this The Force Awakens trailer recut list you’ll find homages to the original series, trailers resembling something you’d see on an old VHS, and a good amount of retconning. One thing most fans seem to think about the actual trailers is that there wasn’t enough action. If you like lightsaber duels and X-Wing battles, you’ll find plenty of them here.

Hopefully, this list of fan cut Force Awakens trailers will inspire you to take a look at the footage fans have come to treasure in a new light. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to make your own cut!
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The Force Awakens/Original Series Trailer Parallels

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This might be one of the best uses of YouTube since the Numa Numa guy. In this trailer we get to see all of the cool parallels between The Force Awakens and the original trilogy. Some of them are probably accidental, but the similar way that Finn and Han Solo remove their helmets is just plain eerie.
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The Force Awakens Mega Trailer

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This six minute long behemoth of a trailer treats viewers to footage from the trailers, along with some pan and scans of press photos, as well as footage from J.J. Abrams's D23 behind the scenes teaser.

To some, this might seem like an exhausting look at a few minutes of footage. But to fans who obsess over minute details of ephemera, this is the best possible version of a trailer.
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The Force Awakens in Chronological, Narrative Order

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This YouTube user has made the bold decision to cut each Force Awakens trailer into the chronological order that they believe the film will follow. In this trailer, we start on Jaku, move to Kylo Ren's star killer base, and then move to the final battle between the Rebel and the First Alliance. It's a compelling watch for sure, but who knows if the film is actually structured this way. 
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The Force Awakens '80s Style Recut

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Whoever cut this trailer has clearly watched all of the Return of the Jedi trailers and lost their mind in the best way. This video includes footage from all three Force Awakens trailers, but instead of a simple recut, the sound effects have been stripped and sounds from the original trilogy were added. Also, we get a taste of delicious '80s voiceover.