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2012 Election The Funniest #AskRomney Tweets  

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Mitt Romney became the presumptive Republican nominee for President after Rick Santorum dropped out of the race in April of 2012. A few days later, on April 12, 2012, ABC News reporter Diane Sawyer took to Twitter to announce that she had set up an interview with former Massachusetts Governor Romney and his wife, Ann Romney. She ended the tweet with the hashtag #AskRomney and a request for Twitter users to send her questions they'd like her to pose to the Romneys.

The responses to Sawyer's request were largely humorous, satirical, hostile or, in some cases, outright absurd. Posting silly questions to Romney with the hashtag #AskRomney quickly became a popular Twitter meme. What followers are some of the most amusing #AskRomney tweets, filled with bizarre questions that would certainly make for an entertaining - if perhaps not terribly enlightening - interview.


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