The Funniest 'Comedy Central Roast' Moments 

Mark Holmes
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The Comedy Central roasts are instant classics for several reasons, not the least of which is that it's a chance for some of the biggest names in the comedy and entertainment industry to rip the almighty h*ll out of their friends. This list of the funniest Comedy Central Roast moments includes some truly memorable skewerings. Whether it's Norm Macdonald's (squeaky clean) roasting of Bob Saget, Bea Arthur reciting filth from Pam Anderson's literary masterpiece, or Betty White discussing sex with William Shatner, these clips represent some of the most hilarious, nasty, and totally inappropriate moments from Comedy Central's always entertaining celebrity roasts.

And really, nasty is the idea. Roasts aren't done to make the roastee feel all warm and squishy inside (well, maybe the warm part). They can get real personal, real quick. That's what makes them so interesting - and these funny roast jokes show that.

Check out these hilarious roasts and vote up your favorites.

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Betty White Roasts William Shatner

The Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner (which aired on August 20, 2006) is an instant classic - and it's hard to pick just one favorite video. Roasters included George Takei (making out with Jeffrey Ross), Lisa Lampanelli, and Andy Dick.

But it was Betty White who provided the biggest laughs, as she recounts her sexual exploits with Shatner. In great detail. Right before the roast started.

Roast of William Shatner


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Seth MacFarlane Roasts Donald Trump
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Seth MacFarlane is so funny at roasts that he was selected as the "Roast Master" of the Roast of Charlie Sheen. Here's one reason why he earns the title time and time again. Behold, the funny that is Seth MacFarlane, as he rips Donald Trump a new one (calling him "the second worst tragedy ever to hit New York City," among other things) during his roast in March of 2011.

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Greg Giraldo Roasts David Hasselhoff
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Comedian Greg Giraldo was a regular on the Comedy Central roasts, including the Roast of David Hasselhoff, which originally aired on the network on August 15, 2010. Weeks later, Giraldo passed. This is his final appearance. And it's classic Giraldo.

He totally crushes it, particularly with the Gary Coleman joke. Giraldo will be missed.

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Norm Macdonald Roasts Bob Saget
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Comedy Central roasts always have those moments - those times when the audience seems downright divided about whether to laugh or scratch heads. This is one of those times. Norm Macdonald's roasting of Bob Saget is one for the ages. The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget originally aired on August 17, 2008. Yes, sweet, totally innocent Danny Tanner. And Norm went with that.

For those who got it? This was one of the best moments from any Comedy Central roast, ever.

Roast of Bob Saget


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