The Funniest Fantasy Baseball Team Names

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Baseball. America's Pastime. It's a sport that you don't even need to be in really good shape to play. You just have to be good at one thing sometimes. Like hitting home runs. If you're really good at that you can be morbidly obese and still play this sport. 

The only problem is that hitting a baseball pitched to you by a major league pitcher is the single hardest thing in professional sports.

Luckily, this list isn't about baseball. It's about Fantasy Baseball! That's even more fun! Fantasy Baseball lets you experience all of the fun parts of the MLB without having to sit through an entire 4 1/2 hour game! However, Fantasy Baseball isn't without its frustrations. Baseball is a game of random slumps, injuries, roster changes, lengthy suspensions, rain outs and double headers that are sure to make managing your fake team a constant struggle.

But, control what you CAN control. For example, your team should have a great name. The following is a list of some funny Fantasy Baseball team names that you should consider. Vote for your favorites and add any that you don't see on the list already!
Most divisive: Swingin' For The Pences
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  • Puigs In A Blanket
    82 votes

    Puigs In A Blanket

  • It's My Dickey In A Box!
    38 votes

    It's My Dickey In A Box!

  • Angels in the Troutfield
    71 votes

    Angels in the Troutfield

  • Sacrifice Blunts
    39 votes

    Sacrifice Blunts

  • JUST A Bit Outside
    46 votes

    JUST A Bit Outside

  • Choo’s on first
    49 votes

    Choo’s on first