90s The Funniest Internet 'How-To' Guides from the 1990s  

Brian Gilmore
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There are those of you reading this that don't know the fear of downloading a song on the Internet, and for you, this list of the funniest how-to guides from the 1990s will be especially hilarious, almost like a circus sideshow. 

"Come one, come all! See a man make a phone call from his car! Behold, the woman who can summon a pair of shoes 'online.' Marvel at a piece of mail delivered from New York to LA in seconds. And tremble at the horrors of the potentially catastrophic 'Y2K.'"

A bit much? Never. There exist instructional videos on how to dial a number on a cell phone. Because, you know, on that flashy new cellular dee-vice they went and turned all the buttons around to make it real hard for ordinary folks to access new technology. Except they didn't. And while no one made any instructional videos on transitioning from the typewriter to the word processor to the laptop, there were actually people who needed instructions on what the "@" character did. These are those hilarious tech videos.

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The Internet IS the Future, If You Like It Or Not

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Sleeping Bags and Other Items for Surviving Y2K

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You Can Find Anything Online

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"How to Use the Internet" Featuring Sooo Many "Surfing" Jokes

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