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The Best Howard Stern News Pranks Performed by Captain Janks

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Howard Stern is best known for featuring tons of crazy guests, callers, and characters on his wildly popular radio show. These key players are often referred to as the "Wack Pack," in a sarcastic tribute to other popular groups, such as the Brat Pack. Wack Packers are people featured on Stern's show that don't necessarily know how funny they are. However, some Wack Packers are in on the joke, such as Captain Janks, who often purposely prank calls various news stations in order to trick the anchors and hosts.

Thomas Ciprano a.k.a. "Captain Janks," has the uncanny ability to perform a cohesive interview on any given radio or television station without knowing anything at all about the subject. He has dubbed this particular kind of prank call a "Bababooey," after the catchphrase he often yells before the station gets the chance to kick him off the air. He always manages to squeeze in a reference to Howard Stern in each one of his pranks, which are often featured on Stern's radio show. Captain Janks also appeared on many episodes of Howard Stern's TV show, explaining how he pulled off these ridiculous hi-jinx.

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    Airport Shut Down Prank

    Video: YouTube
    Janks gets CNN again by pretending to be a weather expert during Hurricane Sandy.
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    Fox News Shark Attack Prank

    Video: YouTube
    Captain Janks calls Fox News and pretends to be the witness of a horrific shark attack.
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    JonBenet Ramsay Prank

    Video: YouTube
    Captain Janks calls in as a woman who claims to have information on the JonBenet Ramsay murder case.
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    San Diego Fire Prank

    Video: YouTube
    Captain Janks calls up CNN pretending to be the Mayor of San Diego.
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