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Internet Reactions The Funniest Internet Reactions to Limp Bizkit 'Breaking Up'  

Brian Gilmore
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On August 17, 2012, Limp Bizkit broke up for good... according to the internet. In an interview with NME, front man Fred Durst admitted that they were "a moment in time" and that a lot of their fans "have moved on". Twitter saw this as Limp Bizkit "breaking up". Here are a list of the funniest things Twitter had to say about the Limp Bizkit Breakup Scare. Because they're not really broken up, but Fred Durst is just admitting that they're no longer relevant. People went nuts -- enjoy.

Some more detail: Durst admitted that "Limp Bizkit are over". Since Fred Durst is signing with Cash Money, the "singer" said that while they are not breaking up, they are not terribly relevant anymore. So he's kind of moving on.

The Tweet That Proves They're Still Together

This is their guitarist, Wes Borland (the dude who dressed up/looked like a monkey and always wore black contact lenses since that is terrifying and freaks out hella squares), tweeting a correction and that Fred was misquoted (unfortunately).

But Twitter usually sees a trending topic and immediately sees it as gospel. People reacted before they read the whole story, so now, according to the internet Limp Bizkit is broken up. And they kind of are, if you read the article that started it all. But they're not "officially calling it quits". They're just in the same hole that the rest of us already knew about. They're not relevant, haven't toured in over half a decade and just don't really fit into popular music anymore.

Anywho, here's how everyone reacted.

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