Weird History In 1994, The U.S. Military Considered Making A Bomb That Would Turn People Gay  

Mick Jacobs

Make love, not war: the United States military took a new approach to this mentality in the early '90s with the development of the halitosis bomb, or the "gay bomb." The video below delves into a defense initiative that involved creating debilitating, but not deadly, weaponry.

One of the ideas proposed involved a nonlethal bomb designed to make enemy combatants irresistibly attracted to their fellow soldiers, thereby sending the enemy retreating into the arms of their compatriots.

Like chem trails or Pizzagate, the gay bomb sounds like another outlandish government conspiracy theory, but apparently some science supports it existence. Even if it does exist, does a bomb like this need to be made?

According to documents released surrounding development of the gay bomb, the military went about exploring all sorts of nonlethal and unnatural ways of warfare. Watch the video below to learn where your taxpayer money goes.