Weird History The Haunting Reason A Light Is Always On In Walt Disney's Former Apartment  

Mick Jacobs

Though his name quite literally is known and beloved by fans of all generations, Disney apparently feels quite restless even in death. According to legend, his Disneyland apartment supposedly still houses his spirit.

Disney died in Burbank, California, in 1965, 10 years after opening the Disneyland theme park. Given his close proximity to the park when he passed away, Disney's spirit perhaps found its way back to its old apartment on the park's Main Street.

Allegedly, the light in his apartment repeatedly turned back on after multiple attempts to turn it off. In his honor, Disneyland still keeps the light on in his window. 

Surprisingly enough, Disney's ghost only accounts for one of the many Disneyland ghost stories out there. Who knew an amusement park for kids could get so scary?