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Fan Theories About 'The Good Place' That Are Forking Interesting

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From theories about shared universes to ideas on Micheal's true nature, fans of The Good Place are still speculating about Team Cockroach long after the show ended. Here are a few favorite fan theories that made us say, "Holy forking shirtballs."

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    There Was Never A Good Place Or A Bad Place

    Posted by u/allons-y11:

    So when I watched the finale of The Good Place (which is amazing) I thought about something when the characters walked through the doorway.

    My theory is that they were never in the Good Place or the Bad Place at all. They were in limbo the entire time and the whole points system, reboots, even Shawn, etc., were all part of an ultimate test to see if they were actually going to the Good Place (going through the doorway).

    The main reason why I feel this is the case is the extreme uncertainty of "what will happen." They would not have had this feeling if the "Good Place architects" they met were actually from the Good Place. While I know the architects are immortal beings, the fact that there are in fact architects should make for less anxiety and less of an unknown.

    Holy forking shirtballs?
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    Everyone Was In The Good Place The Whole Time...

    Photo: NBC

    Posted by u/littletoyboat:

    The Good Place can't just be perfect, mind-blowing bliss all the time. That'd get boring, and would thus inherently not be perfect.

    Instead, the people have to be challenged to continually learn and grow. This is as much for Michael's sake as the rest of the characters. Maybe even Janet's.

    Holy forking shirtballs?
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    The Group Is In 'The Bettering Place'

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    Posted by u/ziasaur:

    In the last episode, Chidi resolves his main weakness (and his main reason for being in the bad place). His indecisiveness was decisively cured during a massive flashback of 800 lifetimes and some good old fashioned self-reflection. I believe the upcoming episodes will give Tahani, Jason and finally Eleanor similar moments of self-value and realization.

    Through the show we have watched them in the Bad Place, Medium Place, and Good Place, but the group will find they are now actually in...The Bettering Place.

    The past season of our gang trying to better the 4 new recruits has really always been about Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason bettering themselves. they have been finding their own personal flaws in their new subjects, and then worked to improve them:

    * Eleanor's ego

    * Tahani's vanity/gossip

    * Jason's snap-decisions (this is a stretch, but Simone's character locks in a decision of her predicament and no longer budges)

    * Chidi's I Don't Know..Chidi's brain turns to mush for a while

    Bottom line is: the group has been in a test to improve THEMSELVES, not the new recruits. That was all a rouse by Maya Rudolph's Judge character. The entire test was to see if our ORIGINAL FOUR would improve, not the new test subjects.

    Holy forking shirtballs?
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    The Island From 'Lost' Is Another Bad Place

    Photo: Lost / ABC

    Posted by u/OG-TRUMANATEE:

    In the popular TV show Lost, we are shown a group of people who are stranded on an island. In the ending of the show, it is strongly implied that the islanders were dead the whole time.

    I just rewatched the first season finale of The Good Place, where Micheal reveals that the four main characters of the show are actually in a bad place where they are forever being mentally tortured instead of physically tortured. I believe that the island in Lost is another version of this Bad Place Experiment.

    Each island inhabitant goes through trials and hardships that seem directly linked with the traumatic memories of their past, having to make decisions and sacrifices that are suspiciously linked with their lives before the island. Just as they start to get comfortable with their situation on the island, a new problem presents itself, much like what the protagonists in The Good Place had to deal with.

    In the ending of The Good Place, it is revealed that the constant stream of problems that the main characters had to face was a result of Michael's meddling. Who's to say that this is not also the case for Lost.

    "But people DIE in Lost!," you say! Well, I believe that when people die in Lost it is because they have passed the goodness test conceived in The Good Place Season 4, where if you improve enough in a bad place simulation, you get to go to the good place. For instance, when Boone dies, it's because he has reached the peak of his goodness, he has learned from the mistakes that he made on Earth and now he is all the better for it.

    Holy forking shirtballs?