The Greatest Branded Video Games of All Time

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Video Games that feature companies, mascots, or other branding to advertise to gamers.

This is a list of the greatest branded video games of all time. These brand games don't have to be good, or fun (some of them are barely games), but they are the greatest because they combine two things we all love: consumerism and video games.

I created this list not just to share with you the weirdest video games based on restaurants. It's time we look back to the sodas and the burgers and the candy filled adver-games of our youth, so we can look forward to new, exciting futures. As gamers get older and older, we shouldn't have to settle for just fast food games. There's nothing saying that they can't start making branded games about new, grown up products. Forget Cool Spot, I want to play a game where I'm an antacid tablet fighting my indigestion. I want to play as an old man who has fallen and fallen and has to yell at his Kinect that he can't get up. I want to play a game where I'm a little blue pill who has to help a tiny guy grow in--

Maybe someone else should come up with the new ideas for branded video games. Here's a list of the classics to get you started.
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