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Relationships The 13 Greatest Comic-Con 2012 Casual Encounters Posts  

Greg Stopera
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The San Diego Comic-Con attracts larger and larger crowds with the promise of exclusive collectibles and deals, celebrity encounters and sneak previews of new comics, films, TV shows and video games. (Check out Comic Con told in 100 pictures.)But for some people, these tantalizing yearly treats just aren't enough... They're down in San Diego to get LAID. Or, in some cases, to watch other people getting laid while dressed as Ms. Marvel. Yeah, it's a quirky bunch.

This is where Craigslist comes in. The "classified ad" site remains the go-to destination for pervy SDCC attendees to connect, particularly the "casual encounters" section. This is where the folks who have a thing for bondage PLUS anime cosplay PLUS watching "The Venture Brothers" during sex have the highest probability of finding someone else into that specific cocktail of fetishes. (This probably is still no higher than .3%.) So read on... if you dare. But be warned, many of these fantasies are highly NSFW. And even NSFL, depending on your constitution. (And be sure to check out last year's roundup of Craigslist SDCC posts here.)

Comic Con Confidential - m4w - 33 (Convention Center/Gaslamp)

Before we get started...

M4W = Men looking for Women
M4M = Men looking for Men
W4M = Women looking for Men
W4W = Women looking for Women
M4WW = The saddest thing in the world
D/D Free = Disease/Drug Free
[X]" = The size, in inches (sorry Europe), of a man's penis
6c = The number is the guy's "size" and c is "Cut" (once again, sorry Europe). The opposite being, of course "Uncut"
"Host" = When a person hosts, they mean that the "encounter" can happen at their place

If there's one thing we know gets all women hot, it's awkward sexual puns. (What gal doesn't want to hear about your "Giant Sized Man-Thing" during a romantic evening out?) But if you can combine those awkward sexual puns with nerdy references... well, then, my friend, you really have something.

Perhaps the best part of this whole post, though, is when he sort of runs out of steam halfway through. "We can go Back to the Future in my TARDIS"?

Is that a sex pun? Is the TARDIS his penis and the DeLorean a willing female's genitals? Or is the TARDIS his car and "Back to the Future" representative of the sex act itself? Please explain.

Looking for HOT mac n' cheese - m4w - 23 (San Diego)

Is this guy just REALLY confused as to how Craigslist Casual Encounters posts work, and thinks that someone bringing food to his hotel room for him sounds like an IDEAL and very casual first encounter. (I'm not sure how things work in the OC, after all...) Or is "Hot Mac and Cheese" some kind of new sexual term with which I am unfamiliar? ("We'll be macking, gurl, and that's when I start spreading around my hot cheese sauce...") I spent way too long considering these possibilties.

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I'm going to Comic Con as a shirtless catboy - m4m - 19 (SDCC)

Who could forget that beloved '90s children's show, "The Adventures of Shirtless Catboy"? He traveled around the magic land of Gaslamp posing for pictures and just mildly creeping out townfolk everywhere with his attempts to just "hang out" with them. (He wore the pictured mask to protect his real identity, as mild-mannered pet supply salesman Felix Pawman.)

But most surprising about this whole post is this: It was the very first Casual Encounters post to get flagged out of all the other options on this list. THIS was the guy Craigslist felt unsure about. Not the guy who wants to bury his Master Chief in your Zerg Swarm or whatever.



But seriously, this guy wins 2012's coveted "Most Likely to Be Criminally Deranged" Casual Encounters award. I think the main creeptastic thing about it is how he wants to skip right to the end of the sex act. Guy, you're just introducing yourself to this woman for the first time. Maybe at some point, after an evening of pleasure, she will want to cum on your face. But no need to jump right in from the first word of your Craigslist post. Give her a kiss, boy!

Also, one more tip. Telling someone you're "clean" in a CL post is fine. Saying you're "very clean" is also acceptable, though it sort of smacks of trying too hard. Saying you're VERY VERY CLEAN in all caps means you are the sexual equivalent of the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock.

"The Trash Heap has cum on your face... Nyeah!"