The Greatest Crooners of All Time

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Who are the greatest crooners of all time? This list of crooners includes many of the greatest male singers ever, in any genre, and there are some modern day, popular crooners included as well. Put simply, a crooner is a singer, typically male, who sings softly, slowly, and, often, sentimentally. Some of the best crooners of all time were masters of jazz standards. Crooning certainly emphasizes strong vocals.

Picture a huge, smoky ballroom full of people swaying to the music, as crooner singers stand on the stage, serenading them with the standards – many with themes of lost love, found love and other heartfelt sentiments. Romantic? You bet. “Croon” does rhyme with “swoon,” after all.  If you’re a fan, you’ll likely find your favorite crooners listed here – but you may also find some new favorites to check out.

Back in the day - and by “day” this means the 1930s, '40s, and '50s, good crooners were a staple of popular music. By the mid-1960s, crooning had lost a bit of its luster. It is by no means dead, however. While many of the top crooners are no longer with us (Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin), a new generation, including Michael Buble, Sam Smith and Harry Connick, Jr., regularly tour around the world.

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