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The Greatest English Pop Singers

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Who is the best English pop singer of all time? Listing many of the greatest pop singers from England isn’t difficult - it’s trying to rank them that proves challenging. With so much undeniable talent, it can be tough to vote one person over another. But that’s exactly what you’ll be doing here, so start thinking!

Many of these British pop singers have been making their mark on the music industry in the United Kingdom and across the globe for decades. Their names are instantly recognizable: Elton John. Paul McCartney. Rod Stewart. Phil Collins. And of course, no list of top English pop singers would be complete without the late, great George Michael, whose pop songs will live on forever.

Some of the good English pop singers listed here also performed rock songs, and even soul and country. Their ability to cross genres so effortlessly speaks to their true musical gifts. David Bowie is a perfect example, along with Robert Palmer, George Harrison, and Olivia Newton-John. And who could forget the new generation of Adele, Sam Smith, and Ed Sheeran?

Vote for the best British pop singer ever here. May the best vocalist win!

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  • Phil Collins19
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  • George Harrison20
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