The Greatest Moments in Super Bowl History

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The Super Bowl is the most-watched sporting event in America year after year. Every February, the NFL sends an AFC and NFC representative to the championship game to battle it out for NFL supremacy. Over the 50+ years of battles, there have been a number of incredible moments that stand out as the greatest moments in Super Bowl history.

The greatest Super Bowl moments include everything from dazzling runs, electric kickoff returns and clutch catches and field goals to win games. NFL greats such as Tom Brady, Adam Vinatieri, Joe Montana, John Elway, James Harrison, Marcus Allen, and Desmond Howard find themselves all over this list of greatest Super Bowl moments ever.

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    John Elway Helicopters Into the End Zone in SBXXXII

    Facing a 3rd-and-6 in a tie game, Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway took off running in an attempt to extend his team's drive. In order to get the first down, Elway had to jump instead of slide, and two Green Bay Packers hit him in mid-air to send him helicoptering across the field. When he came down, his Broncos had a first down just four yards from the end zone and would go on to score the go-ahead touchdown. The play fired up the team and brought home a Super Bowl victory for the Broncos.

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    Joe Namath Guarantees Win In SBIII

    Joe Namath infamously guaranteed victory in Super Bowl III despite being heavy underdogs, and the New York Jets' quarterback delivered a 16-7 victory. The image of Namath jogging off the field pointing one finger to the sky remains etched in history.

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    David Tyree's Helmet Catch in SBXLII

    Infamously known as the "Helmet Catch," David Tyree of the New York Giants went down in history as a huge thorn in the New England Patriots' side. The 18-0 Patriots were cruising towards the NFL's second undefeated season until Eli Manning dodged multiple sacks and uncorked a ball downfield toward Tyree with a minute left in the game. Tyree pinned the ball against his helmet for a 32-yard gain. The play extended the eventual game-winning drive, bringing the Giants to a 17-14 win. It was the final catch of Tyree's career.

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    Lynn Swann Makes Diving Catch in SBX

    The Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys put on a show in Super Bowl X, a performance that is often remembered as the most exciting of the first ten Super Bowls. Swann took home MVP honors with a number of highlight plays, the biggest of which was when he leaped over a Cowboys defender to tip the ball to himself and make an iconic diving reception down the sideline. It is known as "The Levitating Leap."

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    The Tennessee Titans Fall One Yard Short in SBXXXIV

    The underdog Tennessee Titans were charging towards the end zone in the closing moments of Super Bowl XXXIV. Down 23-16 and with just seconds left, Steve McNair his Kevin Dyson over the middle for what could have been the game-tying touchdown, except he was tackled just one yard short. The image of Dyson extending the ball across the goal line remains one of the most memorable images in NFL history.

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  • Malcolm Butler's Game-Sealing Interception in SBXLIX
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    Malcolm Butler's Game-Sealing Interception in SBXLIX

    New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler made the play of his life in the waning moments of Super Bowl 49 against the Seattle Seahawks. With time winding down, the Seahawks opted to throw the ball instead of handing off to superstar running back Marshawn Lynch despite being at the 1-yard line. Butler stepped up and made the pick to seal the win for the Patriots, and an endless wave of criticism followed wondering why Seattle didn't just run the ball.

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