Weirdly Interesting This Suit Gives You A Hangover Without Drinking A Single Drop Of Alcohol  

Mick Jacobs

Most people know how a hangover feels, and they willingly make the trade between a night of fun and a day of misery. As the video below reveals, however, one device actually makes you feel hungover, all for the purposes of science.

The 37-pound suit uses disorienting goggles, pulsating music, and various body weights to simulate the effects of a hangover. The minds behind said suit are not physicians or civil servants, but actually the Ford Motor company. 

Using the suit in their trials, Ford Germany hopes to use it to better understand the body's motor skills when hungover. "There’s a large body of scientific research that shows that your ability to drive is decreased nearly the same as if you had alcohol in your blood," says Meyer-Hentschel CEO Gundolf Meyer-Hentschel.

The Ford Driving Skills for Life Program wants to use these suits to better inform both new and old drivers the dangers of driving hungover. Watch the video below to see the suit in action (or inaction depending on how serious the user's hangover is).