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Crucial Details And Fan Reactions For 'Bly Manor' Fans Who Just Finished The Black And White Episode

October 21, 2020 14.7k views30 items

When The Haunting Of Bly Manor premiered on Netflix on October 9, 2020, it didn't take fans long before they binged the entire season in one weekend. Although the horror drama's newest season consists of 9 hour-long episodes in total, many immediately recognized episode 8 as the standout episode of the chilling bunch.

Told entirely in black-and-white, "The Romance Of Certain Old Clothes" was directed by Axelle Carolyn and tells the tragic origin story of why exactly Bly Manor is haunted in the first place. The gothic romance episode is draped in doom and gloom, and invites you into the tragedy behind Bly Manor that stays with you even long after the episode is over.

The standalone episode quickly asserts itself as an unforgettable puzzle piece to the series, but just in case you need even more reason to appreciate it, here are some of our favorite reasons, behind-the-scenes details, and fan commentary that showcase why episode 8 of Bly Manor is a stroke of genius.


  • The Episode Pauses The Current-Day Storyline At Bly Manor To Instead Focus On How The Haunting All Began, With A 56-Minute Black-And-White Flashback


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  • "The Romance Of Certain Old Clothes" Is A Slow Burn Hour That Explores The Heartbreak Of Losing A Loved One, Sometimes Even While They're Still Alive


  • The Episode Is Based Off Of A Short Story Of The Same Name By Henry James, Who Is Also The Author Of Other Stories That Inspired 'Bly Manor' 


  • Viewers Get To Meet Viola And Perdita Lloyd, And See For Themselves Just How The Warm Bond Between Sisters Turned Cold And Deadly At Bly Manor


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