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How Weird Sportcoats From History Led To The Modern Tuxedo

Updated 23 Jun 2019 5.7k views12 items

There is nothing that makes you look sharper than a well-fitted tuxedo, but where did tuxedos actually come from? America has a long track record of crazy fashion trends throughout history, such as Ed Hardy t-shirts, Von Dutch trucker hats, and those ridiculously baggy rave-ready jeans that regrettably made a resurgence in 2015. The horror is too much to comprehend. But then there is the tux.

No one can reasonably believe that the brilliant, classic look of the tuxedo was spawned from the same type of mind that created modern fashion atrocities and insane standards of beauty for women. Tuxedos are more than a fashion fad - they are 100% class and have a rich history. The origins of the tuxedo may actually surprise you, as they've been largely unchanged since their inception. After all, if it's good enough for James Bond, it's good enough for all of us. Read on to discover the birth and evolution of the tux. 

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