Weird History The Strange Story Of The Homeless Bricklayer Who Won The Boston Marathon  

Mick Jacobs

Today, the Boston Marathon is one of the most prestigious races in the world. Even back in 1915, winning the race was considered a great honor. So imagine the shock when a homeless bricklayer came in first that year. The video below tells the inspirational story of Bill Kennedy.

From a very young age, Kennedy had a fascination with running races, a passion ignited in 1896 when the first ever US marathon went through Port Chester, New York, where he lived.

However, entering races during that period of time required finances and connections out of reach for a drifting bricklayer like Kennedy. Yet, despite all odds, Kennedy entered the Boston Marathon in 1915 and won. It was a record-breaking victory in more ways than one.

As thrilling as that victory was, it was also merely another highlight in the extraordinary life of Bill Kennedy. Watch the video below to learn about a larger-than-life figure with a background that was anything but.