Graveyard Shift Extremely Painful And Gruesome Things That Happen To Your Body When It's Exposed To Mustard Gas  

Mick Jacobs

Emerging as a form of warfare during the first World War, mustard gas took the lives of 90,000 troops on both sides of the conflict. Its usage indisputably led to the formation of the Geneva Convention.

When deployed, the gas takes on a color similar to that of mustard. According to witnesses, it also smells a lot like horseradish.

Despite these appetizing features, mustard gas remains something you never want to breath in at any time. Inhaling mustard gas almost certainly guarantees you will likely never inhale ever again.

Even though its use classifies as a war crime, mustard gas still finds its way into conflicts of today. In the midst of the Syrian Civil War, reports of mustard gas attacks continue to trickle out to the horror of the rest of the world.