The Hottest Female Villains

List of the hottest female villains in film and TV, ranked according to their sexiness. These ladies are pure spiteful hateful evil out to destroy you and everything / everyone you love. But shoot, they look good doing it. While not all of the best female villains are super sexy (sorry, Ursula from "The Little Mermaid"), those listed below make us very ambivalent about being... punished by them. Using sharp wits and tongues to cryborg muscles to samurai swords, these intimidating women are among the best movie villains and TV villains. Vote up the ones who you might not mind confronting, providing she didn't tear your heart out and then leave you.

These are the sexiest villains (the sexiest female villains) in the history of movies.

Who do you think the hottest villains of all time are? Or just the hottest villains? Cast your votes!

sexy villains! Who is your favorite sexy villain or hot villains?