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Greg Stopera
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There just has to be a bunch of Mormon men out there looking for pics of hot Mormon women. I don't know much about Mormonism, but I am willing to bet that looking at photos hot Mormon women is against the rules. Well, if you are a Mormon man (or a Mormon woman) consider these pretty Mormon girl images "against the rules" in the best way possible. These are the hottest Mormon women under 40. I'm not saying that you can't be totally hot after you hit 40, but for the sake of this list, I'm making the cutoff sort of arbitrarily at 40.

These Mormom babes will take your breath away. Did you ever dream you'd have something in common with a girl this hot? If you're Mormon that is. And if you aren't Mormon, can you believe there are girls this hot that are Mormon? They don't even drink coffee! Diet Coke is like their number one vice! Anyway, vote for your favorite hot Mormon chicks!
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Julianne Hough

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Julianne and her brother, Derek Hough, are famous ballroom dancers who have each taken home several mirror ball trophies on multiple seasons of Dancing With the Stars. She’s also starred in a few movies opposite major movie stars, and she was in a relationship with Ryan Seacrest for many years. She’s also a Mormon. She was raised in a Mormon family and has not let go of her beliefs as an adult. She holds tight to her Mormon values and believes that living her Mormon lifestyle is right for her.

“I’m not practicing, but I’m so glad I was raised Mormon,”  
—--Julianne Hough in an interview with newyork post.

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Eliza Dushku

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The former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" starlet is no longer a practicing Mormon, but her family still is. In fact, when she was filming for "Buffy," her grandmother would call the showrunners to be sure she wasn't being made to do anything salacious on camera.
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Amy Adams

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Amy Adams was raised Mormon, though her family left the church after her parents divorced.
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Katherine Heigl

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She’s the woman who had a very promising career in Hollywood until her reputation overtook her actual talent and people decided they no longer wanted to work with her. Heigl was a Mormon growing up. Her parents converted to Mormonism at some point during her childhood and she was taken into the religion with them. She says she was devout as a child because that’s what her parents wanted from her, but she admits that it was mostly for show and she wasn’t really all that Mormon growing up. She did practice, however, she just wasn’t into it.

 Q: You were raised in the Mormon church, but don't practice anymore?
 A: I haven't since I was about 19 or 20, when I moved to L.A. and was working a lot. I couldn't find a ward I was comfortable in. It kind of petered out mostly because of that. My good friends are Mormon, some of the best people I know.

--- Katherine Heigl in an Interview with USA Today.