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The Hottest Slave Leias in Pop Culture History

Updated February 25, 2019 594.6k views11 items

Slave Leia cosplay is a staple of any comic con you go to. Con season is up us once again and we expect to see plenty of hot Slave Leias at the geek fests. Here's a run down of some of the hottest celebs to ever don the metal bikini. This is also the easiest way for some "celebs" to try to stay relevant to the geek dollars that will keep them in booze and painkillers. We'll let you figure out who the real Star Wars fans are and who's trying to get booked on a nerd show to feed a coke addiction. Enjoy these Slave Leia cosplay pics by some of your favorite celebrities.

These are some of the hottest Princess Leia slave cosplay pics you'll find compiled on the internet.

looking for the hottest Slave Leia cosplay you can find? well this Princess Leia cosplay is it. You can almost use these hot pics as your own personal Slave Leia wiki. Check out these amazing Slave Leia pictures!