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Alexandra Plesa
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It's no secret that 2016 was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year‎. And yet, the quality of television didn’t suffer one bit. We still live in the era of peak TV, with tons of great shows to choose from. Many of us TV fans are practically begging for new series to suck just so we can catch up with everything we've already missed. TV shows provide us with comfort, hope, and warmth. And speaking of warmth, this is a list of the hottest TV sex in 2016. Because it had to be done.

This year, the TV gods were pretty generous when it came to TV sex scenes. From Westworld to You’re the Worst and from Girls to The Walking Dead, there were plenty of steamy scenes to get your blood boiling. We’ve got a mid-coital discussion of sexual timing, some pretty athletic love-making, and even a touch of robot sex. Fair warning - some of the scenes below can be pretty NSFW. Proceed cautiously.  

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Season 3 of You’re the Worst Starts with a Bang

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The third installment of You’re the Worst starts with the wildest sex scene we were privy to since the very beginning of the show, when Jimmy and Gretchen shared their first night together. They’re still very much into one another, even when they stop mid-thirst to bicker about who gets to finish first. This might just be one of the most explicit sex scenes on cable TV, so it’s a small miracle it made it on the air. 

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Jamie and Claire Make Up on Outlander

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We never like to see these two fight. However, as long as their make-up scenes involve Jamie paying a lot of close attention to Claire’s needs, we’re not complaining. Emotional and satisfying at the same time. 

Note: the scene starts around the 3:04 mark.

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Luke Cage and Misty Knight Get Busy on Marvel’s Luke Cage

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These two didn’t want to have coffee together, but luckily for viewers everywhere, they did find something to do they both very much enjoyed. Because when a cop and a guy with super-strength get together, things are bound to get frisky, to say the least. 

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Javier and Marta Ochoa Get Down to Business on Narcos

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Pedro Pascal is a gift to this world, especially when his character is having doggy-style sex with Marta Ochoa. That GIF-worthy moment will likely stay with viewers for a very long time. 

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