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The Hottest Wonder Woman Costumes in Pop Culture History

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Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman costume for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has just been revealed at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con. But is this the hottest version of Wonder Woman's outfit that we've seen? Each Wonder Woman costume in pop culture left a unique mark on the comic book community. Some even caused controversy. Is Wonder Woman's costume too sexy?

Here are the hottest actresses who have ever worn the Wonder Woman costume. Be it in film, television, or just as a Halloween costume, these famous hot chicks dressed in what is arguably the sexiest mainstream superhero costume of all time. You can vote up and down your favorites here.

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    Lynda Carter is the original Wonder Woman from the original Wonder Woman television series. She's actually aged very well and will most likely have some campy cameos in the upcoming Wonder Woman show, but you can't have this list without paying homage to the woman who made Wonder Woman not only human, but insanely hot for anyone who grew up in the 80s or before.

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  • Palicki was selected to play Wonder Woman in David E. Kelley's attempt to bring the Amazon Princess to television screens. The show didn't get picked up, but it definitely pushed Palicki into the limelight.

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    Gal Gadot's costume for Wonder Woman was finally revealed at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con during the Warner Bros. panel in Hall H. Her costume will be seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
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    During an episode of the show Smallville, Erica Durance (playing Lois Lane) gets dolled up in an "Amazonian Princess" costume to try and get a story at a comic book convention. As the most recent depiction of a Wonder Woman costume on a DC comics based show, this could well be the model for the new show's costume.

    She's easily the hottest Lois Lane in the history of Lois Lanes.
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